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We are closed for the Season

We will open again in March. Enjoy your winter! 


Ouachita Kayak Tours

Explore the Islands of Lake Ouachita by Kayak

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Family Snorkeling Tour

Family Fun


Snorkel and mask rentals available

Explore the Islands of Lake Ouachita! Inexperienced kayakers and kids are welcome. We love introducing new people to kayaking and showing them this beautiful lake.

Professional Guides

Beautiful Lake

Lifelong Memories


Everyone is welcome! From 7 to 107 years old, if you can get in and out of a kayak we can take you on a relaxing tour. Whether you are physically fit or a couch potato, our tours are all paced to make you comfortable. We do not have set routes, instead we accommodate each guests comfort. Want to paddle to an island and snorkel all day? We can do that! Want to see how many miles we can rack up in 4 hours? We can do that too! 


What a fantastic experience!! I’ve had a fear of lake water since childhood and today, I faced my fear and found out kayaking is addictive!

Thank you to Lisa Logan, who was so patient with me and our group of 5. She provided hands-on instruction before and put all my fears to rest.

This experience would not have been the same had I not had someone who took time to explain/instruct prior to getting out in the lake.

I highly recommend Ouachita Kayak Tours and can’t wait to do this again!!


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